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Don’t let you wife climb trees!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post. I have good intentions but don’t seem to find the time. Well, as I sit in the hospital, I will do some writing. This is not a topic that I thought I would ever write about.

Why do kids do things they shouldn’t? The same reason that we adults do. For some reason, the common sense gene quits working at times. That happened Monday.

John’s favorite stuffed animal is Bear. Bear has been through a lot. He has suffered a lot of abuse, so it did not surprise me that John threw him high up in a tree. I was working on getting him down when Lelia came home. She decides that the best way to get Bear down is to climb up and get him. I know I should have stopped her but I didn’t. The nest thing I know, she has crashed to the ground.

Checklist Item #1: Don’t let wife climb trees!

Jr, the boy next door must have run faster than possible. As I am checking on Lelia, Jr’s sister Sarah is heading for us, I am yelling for someone to call 911. She is already on it.

EMS gets there. Works with her and gets her ready to transport. They ask where to take her. I am sure I said Johnson City Medical Center (JCMC) since her doctor is in JC. They head to hospital.

Checklist Item #2: Be sure to know what hospital EMS is taking her.

I make sure I get Bear down from tree quickly. Sawing off limb works. If I didn’t, Lelia would worry about Bear all night.

Kids will stay next door at Jr’s.

Checklist Item #3: Get someone to keep kids. I remembered that.

I head to hospital. When I get there, they say she has not arrived yet. Tell me it is not unusual for EMS to arrive after family. I don’t see how since I didn’t leave for at least 10 minutes. After about 20 they decide to check with Bristol Regional Medical Center (BRMC.) She is there. It seems that EMS either didn’t remember or hear me when I said JCMC. They asked her in ambulance and she said she didn’t care. See checklist item #2.

Lelia has been at BRMC for about 90 minutes before I get there a little after 7:00PM. They have done all the tests. Waiting begins. It;s after 9:00 before doctor gets back to talk to us and after 11:00 before she gets to her room.

Checklist Item #4: Pack iPod and laptop. It will be a long wait.

I head home about 1:30AM to get a little sleep and some cloths for Lelia for when they release her. Back at hospital by 6:30, this time with laptop and iPod.

Good news is no long term damage. Two fractures in back but not in critical locations. She will be sore for a while. Had a concussion but is fine after a day. They kept her one more day than expected, not sure why since physical therapy and neurology released her.