What will fall bring at school?

It looks like we will have good enrollment this fall at school. My second year classes are still lower than I would expect. Maybe we lost more last year than in the past.

I spent part of today recording lectures for Internet classes. Two of my classes have new books.

Because or the STEP initiative at school, we are trying to make students more responsible for their learning. Dr. Sanderson will like that. I am going to introduce the engineering notebook to my networking classes. I would use it when I taught Engineering Technology but have gotten away from the notebooks for Computer Science majors. Hopefully, I can get them to write down what they do.

I am also thinking about making my students turn off the computer for the first part of lab. Especially in Web Programming and Network Infrastructures classes. They want to start building without planning. That usually gets them into trouble.

The Cisco classes do not worry me. Those that make it through the first semester usually don’t have a problem finishing. I had a good group finish.

The school has ordered new computers for one of the network labs. I will need to come in and install them. We don’t let computer services in the lab except for warranty repairs and they like it that way.

Well, I’ve rambled on for a while as my CSCI 1100 student are taking their final. I only lost one student this time. She only came the first night. It looks like everyone will pass. It’s the best concepts class I’ve had in a long time. Much more motivated than most. Night students usually are. Summer students taking a half term class are also more motivated so combining the two makes a good class.