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Cub Scout Day Camp

Last week I was at Cub Scout Day Camp. I spent the week running around with the boys, helping when needed and taking pictures of the week. Monday thru Thursday, I alternated between Dan and John. Two days with each. I did miss John’s bulls eye in archery. That was a Dan day. I saw Dan’s best day shooting BB’s.

John Shooting at Cub Scout Day Camp

John Shooting at Cub Scout Day Camp

The week was non stop. The boys got to build bird houses and feeders, learn about fire safety, flag handling, nature, fishing, basketball, volley ball and plenty of play time. Friday we got to sleep late since we were having the family night and camping.

The week made me remember some of my time in Scouting. It has been a long time since I was a scout, longer than I like to think. I have fond memories of scouting and hope the boys will remember their time as scouts. Even if they don’t remember this week, I took enough pictures to remind them.

If you want to see more pictures of Cub Scout Day Camp follow the link to the Flickr page.