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Amazon vs North Carolina = Greedy State

Corporate greed is all over the news. That is what is being blamed for the economy. Well , what about government greed. North Carolina is following New York’s lead in requiring illegal sales tax collections on internet sales. This is flat out government greed.

Amazon decided to fight back. They suspended the affiliate program for all NC affiliates and are not taking new applications. This will cause a number of small businesses in NC to close. Many of the small businesses rely on internet sales for survival. Those businesses pay income tax. Yes, North Carolina has an income tax. As I was writing this, it has been announced that Rhode Island has also been added to the ban.

I don’t know if Amazon’s preemptive strike will be enough to change the mind of the politicians or not. Lets hope so. It is time for businesses and individuals to say enough is enough. We cannot keep rasing taxes and spending. Government needs to make cuts like everyone else.

I am a Tennessee resident. We have a sales tax of about 10%. It will vary a little from one county/city to another based on the local option portion. 40 years ago, the tax was about 4.5%. That means we are paying twice as much in real terms in sales tax than 40 years ago. Why, government greed. They keep wanting more and more money with nothing to show for it.

Yes, we have some additional services that we did not have then. The question to ask is: Are those services something that the government should provide or are they needless intrusion in our lives. I think it is greed. Politicians want more money to buy vote. Greed.

Let’s support Amazon’s decision to fight back. I have never bought anything on Amazon but I may do so now. Let’s recognize government greed. Remember the difference between corporations and government: government can take your money at the point of a gun. Businesses rely on you to do business with them. If you don’t like the business, don’t shop there. It’s a little harder to do that with the government.