Sullivan County TN Election Problem

Yesterday (Thursday) was the primary election in Tennessee. As with other counties, Sullivan County has new election machines. More automation should speed the process of counting votes. Well, it seems that it doesn’t do it in Sullivan County or in east Tennessee for that matter.

With the old electronic machines, we usually had most of the results by 11:00. It’s not 1:30 A. M. and I cannot find the Sullivan County results. Washington County, just next door, has all results posted. Sullivan has no results posted and the local newspaper and TV websites have not updated results in over an hour.

Maybe automation is not the answer. The county did say that it would not release data on individual precincts until all votes were counted. I wonder what’s going on.

I early voted today

Tennessee early voting.

I took advantage of early voting today in Sullivan County in Tennessee. They have replaced the old electronic machines with new electronic machines. I am not sure that I find the new machines any better. I saw that it was taking people longer to vote because of the learning curve.

Most of the ballot was dedicated to judges. In Tennessee, we elect some judges. Some judges are appointed however, we periodically get to vote on retaining them. I always vote no. As a general rule, I vote against the incumbent. Even if I like the candidate, I think that we need to institute our own term limits by not voting for incumbents. This would make them pay more attention to us. Regretfully, most will continue reelecting most of the politicians.


Getting Started

Now that I have the website back on line, lets see if we can get started with the blog as well.