What’s taking so long to get to IPv6?

I’ve been discussing IPv6 in class for 20 years. Teaching addressing for about 10 and configuring systems for over 5 years. I’m still waiting on my home ISP and the college to implement IPv6.

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A web search shows that about 20% of the US and 40% of India’s Internet traffic is IPv6. IPv6 is over 25 years old. What’s taking so long.

Hardware and software manufacturer have been supporting IPv6 for a while.  Windows has natively supported it since Vista.

15 years ago, I would tell student that we were probably 5 or 6 years away from wide scale adoption. Now I just say that usage is increasing and they need to be ready.

How about a drop dead date? One group is pushing 11 years from now. Why that long. How about 3 years. Set January 1, 2022 as the day that IPv4 is turned off in the Internet.

If you remember when analog TV was turned off, you know that there will be problems.  The date was pushed back several times. Once he date was finalized, we saw warnings scrolling across the TV screens for a year about the need to get a digital antenna if you received over the air broadcast.  What happened the day they turned it off? TV stations were flooded with calls from people who couldn’t get their favorite shows.

The same thing will happen with IPv4. Both home users and businesses will be out in the cold. No internet access because they didn’t pay attention.  The home routers that I have used for the last several years are IPv6 ready. All I need is for my ISP to turn it on. I have asked several and they just tell me they are working on it. For ISP’s that have it available, they say only a small number of customers are using it.

the PyCharm IDE

There are several IDE’s available to edit Python programs. The PyCharm IDE is a great tool for editing.

PyCharm has a commercial, community, and educational editions. I have not found any limitations in the community and educational editions and they are free.

The government is back to work, not really!

For a few weeks the federal government is back to work. Well, not really. Most federal employees are not doing anything productive.

Of those who were not funded, the Coast Guard, border patrol, and air traffic control were essential. Maybe some of the other law enforcement agencies.

What was either non-essential or should be privatized?

22 airports employ private call screeners. They have a better record than government screeners. The airlines should be responsible for airport security, not the taxpayers.  While we are at it, shouldn’t the airlines, private aviation companies and private pilots be paying for air traffic control?  It they were, those who never fly or seldom fly would not have our tax money paying for air traffic control. Yes, the feds need to pay part of the cost due to military and government aircraft.

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The organization that publishes the unemployment statistics was one of the agencies that were furloughed.  It takes 2200 people to do that work in the government.  A private company also produces that same data. Both sets of statistics are nearly the same, within the margin of error.  My bet is the private company does not have 2200 employees devoted to unemployment rates.  Why doesn’t the government just by the data?  It would save millions.  It is my bet that nearly everything that the BLS does is also done by private companies.

What about our national parks? Why not privatize the operation? Many parks have a fee to use the park. Why not fee for service at all parks? That would cover most of the cost of maintaining the parks.

If we had not federalized many crimes, we would not need as large a federal law enforcement. Do we really need the ATF? Why not consolidate many of the agencies? Reduce the number of federal crimes. Most are also crimes at the state level.  Change much of the FBI to a fee for service agency. Charge states to use federal law enforcement resources.

As for most of the other government agencies, eliminate or greatly reduce the size.  Eliminate the Dept. of Education Environmental Protection Agency. Transfer any essential services to other agencies.  For the EPA, that would only be the Nuclear Regulatory Agency.

Most other agencies could be cut in half or more.  This would not solve all the problems but would be a good start.

Federal Government Employee Finances

An article in the AJC (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) was discussing the fact the in Georgia, the federal employees that weren’t getting paid we getting unemployment. I don’t know if it was all states or just some. Georgia was one of the states that the got unemployment checks. I think the only reason that the AJC reported

Grand Canyon

this information is the federal employees were going to have to pay back the unemployment when they receive their back pay.


On top of that, credit unions were giving no interest loans to the federal employees for the amount of their normal “take home” pay.

So now we know that most federal employees had access to money. Why the crying over the shutdown? It didn’t fit with the narrative.

Name one private company that lays off employees and pays back pay when they are rehired? The employees that had to show up for work obviously deserved the back pay. Why those who got the month off? Did that time count as a vacation? It better have.